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Dec 29, 2013

SUBMISSION: The worst way to take an exam.

Honest question: is there any other way to proverbially “take an exam”?


SUBMISSION: The worst way to take an exam.

Honest question: is there any other way to proverbially “take an exam”?

Aug 19, 2013


"The guy to your left just said: ‘I don’t like to call myself a writer; I consider myself a storyteller.’"

"So he memorized The Iliad and goes around telling it to people at parties?”

"Okay, so there was this clever dude, right? Wait, let me back up a minute."

Jul 19, 2013
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Jan 21, 2013

Tupperwolf: Those leftists and their semantic games!


You know what I’m sick of? The radical relativism of the American left. I’m sick of how they’re always saying that the truth is a subjective, created thing, and how some knowledge is just inherently outside our worldview.

It’s so, you know, leftist. I mean, consider this interview by a blunt New…

This argument is genuine, if not a bit misguided. Let’s walk through a couple of (well made) points, and see if we can say something more.

  • We are complaining about the “Left”, and then use that frame of reference to accuse two left-thinking groups of people, namely through attacking Communists and Theorists.
  • It is then revealed that both examples are incorrectly attributed, and those were not things said by Leftists, but by the war-mongering empire-building imperialist Rightist* administration that has done so much to warp the minds and medias of the American people to justify foreign wars, domestic surveillance, zero-sum capitalism, and xenophobic terror.
  • Meanwhile, the Left has been driven out of our nation’s conversation because hate groups and the Tea Party and Rove’s PACs dominate our attention with their mindless screaming.
  • When a leftist argument appears —- such as the Occupy movement —- they will receive attention, but then quickly peter out because they have no agency compared to the aforementioned groups (for a twice-removed-meta-meta analysis of why this happened, this Jacobian essay was great )
  • And then we wonder why the Left cries “everything is relative”.


p>I’m not saying that they don’t —- because there’s something funky going on in that political discourse, something that wants to get away from God and Nature, etc —- but maybe it’s not so much a belief they want, as a reality they must face. It’s hard to say that the Left, while their voice is being drowned out by the lies and hate and ignorance of the right-leaning power brokers, is wrong. Everything is relative because the people that gobble up that shit are growing in number. A growing part of our country knows nothing else except the “good wholesome values” of the American Far-Right, and because they have been so shut out to anything but, that is their reality. It is so far removed from my own that I can’t even begin to imagine how to talk to them. (And I did try, so hard, over this last Christmas break.)



So instead of accusing those that simply diagnose (which, in my argument is the Left), let’s fight the sources of that fracture within our society: lies and misinformation spread by the state and extremist propaganda machines.

*admittedly, not quite fascist, but still worrisome.

Dec 21, 2012

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Dec 2, 2012
I remember reading Hemingway in my teens and relating to so much of what he said. I thought it meant I was a “real man” in a world turned soft. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone back and re-read a lot of his stuff, and realized that the reason I related so much to his stuff is because I was a sexually insecure misogynist in the early stages of alcoholism.
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